Michelle Matthews


Michelle has been a senior coach and manager of Hawthorn judo for 48 years. Her dedication to our young members is both generous and inspiring to watch.

Michelle has been involved in judo for some 58 years. She was the State Champion for thirteen years, represented Australia for four years and has achieved her 6th Dan. As well as running Hawthorn judo she also is the Head Coach and has run the Lilydale Judo Club for the past 33 years. At the same as running two clubs she was the State Coach for four years. As a Master Judoka she has won seven Gold medals and one Silver Medal in Shiai and one Gold, seven Silver and four Bronze medals in Kata.

She passed her Rokudan in 2018 and was awarded her Kodokan Rokudan in 2019.

“Sportsmanship for me is when a judoka walks off the mat and you really can’t tell whether they won or lost, by the way they carry themself with pride either way.” - Michelle Matthews

At the Judo Victoria competitions you will find Michelle refereeing and has been doing this for 24 years. As a keen Kata competitor she also is also a member of the Judo Victoria Kata Commission, Oceania Kata Commission and sits on the board of Judo Victoria.

If this wasn’t enough to keep her busy Michelle is a Primary School teacher and loves to work out at the gym or swim in the few hours she has free.